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"It is our job—all of us that make up this diverse society—to ensure that when the next generation looks back—a generation that is hopefully more inclusive than we have been—they see a more accurate narrative, one that tells the truth, and includes everyone.”

Governor Ralph S. Northam
Old Point Comfort, August 24th, 

2019 Commemoration of the First African Landing 

Virginia Department of Education History & Social Science 
Standards of Learning

Our Mission Statement

We are a progressive, nonpartisan group of citizens of the Middle Peninsula in the Commonwealth of Virginia, who are committed to the shared values of justice and environmental stewardship.


To address ongoing social and environmental issues through education and coordinated action.

CircleUp is not aligned with any candidate or political party. 

An Open Invitation

CircleUp participants are encouraged to submit event and date information to CircleUp Steering Committee for our review and consideration as one of our public discussion events. Our mailing address is P.O. Box 828 Gloucester, VA 23061. Or, contact us via email:

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