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In order to squarely identify, address, and work to change the undesirable policies, actions, and threats of the current Administration, 67 people first came together in a private residence on Gwynn’s Island, Virginia, for an emergency community meeting, Sunday, January 15, 2017, in answer to a challenge to invite one another into our homes and become a supportive community group.


With a binding commonality aligned by shared values and experiences, people, for the most part introducing themselves to one another for the first time, immediately chose to work together to offer solutions through identified campaigns that would counter the dangerous 2017 governmental changes they seriously believed would ultimately affect the well-being of our localities, our state, our country, and the world at large.


The “will of the people” had a voice, a vehicle, and a direction. The following month, on February 19, 2017, over 130 people “circled up” for a second CircleUp Community Meeting. The Circleup organized regular, open meetings to discuss and learn more about governmental, social, and environmental issues that impact us locally and nationally. 

Our member community transitioned to online meetings during the pandemic. When community health concerns are no longer a factor, we will resume in-person meetings to enhance our understanding of matters that impact our community, state, and nation.

Welcome Home 

Our focus is on principles over personalities as we honor the long history of democratic practices of our government. In goodwill, we recognize that collectively and individually we are family and neighbors and friends and colleagues with all of the constituents in all of our Virginia Middle Peninsula counties. Today we share more similarities than differences as we move into the future. We extend an invitation to other citizens to sit in the circle and have a sense of belonging and contribution, so that no one is ever excluded or disrespected. 

Reaching Out 

We believe in assisting our neighbors in need by supporting area charitable and civic agencies through monetary or item donations collected at our meetings. If you have suggestions for future donations by the CircleUp community, please contact our Steering Group via email:

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